When big disruptions impact your business, it's easy to feel stuck, overwhelmed, and unsure about what next steps you should take.

If you want to cut through the noise and make an action plan based on strategy and not circumstance, then this course is for you!

You will get updates on new programs and incentives, while learning foundational principles of how to take a planned approach to responding to disaster and negative events, consider multiple perspectives, short and long-term considerations, and assess risk levels which will help you to make more effective decisions.

What will you get by enrolling in this course?

At the end of the 5 days you'll walk away with a plan, a process and a purpose to deliver and execute your next steps!

  • Daily instruction on how to write your contingency plan

  • Get your questions answered by e-mail

  • Download worksheets to help you write your plan

  • Connect with other business owners on what they are doing, what is working, not working and best practices on our facebook group

What is Contingency Planning?

  • Contingency planning helps you to be prepared for uncertainties, unexpected disasters, and surprises. This is your “plan b” should your strategic plan not work out or change.
  • Contingency planning is much like a strategic plan, only it focuses on the “worst case scenario” and describes the course of action or steps a business needs to take in response to a sudden and unexpected event.

  • High performing businesses include contingency planning as a regular part of their strategic planning process.

  • Contingency planning needs to be simple and agile, in order to adapt to changing situations

  • Contingency planning needs to consider the dynamic tensions between “worst” and “best case scenarios”.

Don't wait until it's too late, now is the time to make your plan.

Get started now!